Entropia Cognitiva


felipe v. almeida

Pantagruel is the character created by François Rabelais in his five volume work full of philosophic knowledge, humour, satire, violence, escatology and extravagance. For him Pantagruelism was nothing more than "a certain gaiety of mind pickled in the scorn of fortuitous things" which is the philosophy of the giant Pantagruel and also of this, not giant, website.

The objective of the Pantagruelista is to spread ideas capable of taking us out of the comfort zone, ideas that put boundaries to test. The interest is intelectual, but without academic inspirations. I use this space in a less rigorous manner, even though I make efforts to maintain a good quality of content. I leave the tecnical rigor to serious people at serious publications.

My incursions aren't constrained to any area of knowledge nor respect much rules beyond the unstabilizing potential that some books and works of art have over my own mind. It may look uncompromising but I serve exactly the need of getting in a state of cognitive entropy where everything is revised and your mind gets enriched by new creative possibilities. Need that I constantly fell but can't always satisfy. In the last few years I've learned that this state is always around whe we allow ourselves to be lost in a artistic work or whe we are open to new dialogues with ideas still unknown to us. It's this condition of admiration, confusion and greatness that I try to share trough my writings.